Thursday, September 22, 2011

Employers analyze candidate’s behavior in the social media

by Waldirene Biernath

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Social network behavior can influence 
in career
People who have profile on social networks should be attentive because the observer may be closer than you imagine! Recruiters and employers have used this strategy to seek differential information about candidates, interns and contractors.

"When a recruiter chooses these tools to analyze a profile, is minimized wrong choices. The resumes are very similar and the difference nowadays is the behavior", said Wander Pereira da Silva, Career Management teacher. The main tip is to take care of information, communities and added photos, slips can testify against the interested candidate.

Social media resume
"There are already softwares that track everything about a person on the network, photos, communities and professional information.

According to Janete Teixeira Dias, Career Management’s coordinator says people must be careful and use strategies on Facebook, Twitter, Orkut and other networks: "It must pay attention to enjoy, share and add". The users should capitalize everything in favour of themselves”.

Tips for a suitable profile:

- Participate in communities that preach intolerance or suggest inappropriate behavior with the world of work, like “I hate Mondays' ”may weaken chances of contracting or shortening the career in a particular company.

- Post photos or videos using underwear or bathing suits, consuming drugs or drunk is an inappropriate behavior for those who want a promising career, especially at the more conservative companies.

- Language errors use to be shared and satirized. It is necessary to be careful when writing on the social media.

- Aggressive comments and discussions on the network indicate unfriendly and antisocial temperament.

- The fact of networks have an entertainment and relationship profile, it does not mean that users can express your opinion freely. In these spaces, the freedom of expression should be limited, for self benefit.

- Excuses for prejudice or aggression should be posted in the same space. But it is better not to make a blunder. Some mistakes take time to be forgotten.

- Profile with hidden information is not ideal. It could arouse suspicion and does not reflect reality.


Slip (noun): a slight mistake, especially a careless one;
Blunder (noun): a careless or embarrassing mistake



  1. It's a great post! It's a present topic, but I desagree completely, because when an recruiters use our personal information contained in web site, they're crossing a line that in reality they can't. transfer it for the real life, it's like if they enter in your house and check your habits, take your box photos and see them. It's an abuse, in my opnion. we live in a world that in every moment you need to prove who you are and what you can! this make me sick, moreover, the internet personal information, all of them, are mostly false, because the people spend more time trying to show in internet that are happy than living this possible happiness. I use facebook and twitter and I always post what I'm felling without to think a LOT about what the people will think, because they'll think what they want, but the difference appears when you choose to bother with that or not.