Thursday, September 8, 2011

Open enrollments to UFSCar’s Portuguese Reference Center to foreigners

by Waldirene Biernath

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The UFSCar’s Portuguese Reference Center to foreigners receives enrollments until September 11. The courses of "Portuguese to Spanish Speakers" and "Portuguese to non-Hispanic speakers," levels, “Basic 1” and "Basic 2" and also the course of "Portuguese to Foreigners intermediate level."

The activities are geared toward undergraduates and postgraduates who are performing in Brazil and also for professionals from other countries who are acting in Brazil.

The start of classes is scheduled for September 12. The courses are free for people who are enrolled at UFSCar and to the ones who are not it will be charged a fee of R$ 202.00 for the second term of 2011. Information about the courses, fee payment and procedures for registration must be accessed in a specific form

Classes will be held at the Portuguese Reference Center to foreigners, located in the UFSCar Art Department in the campus south area. More information can be obtained by e-mail

(to) gear (verb): to prepare something or make it suitable for a particular situation, group, or use. (gear toward: The museum is geared toward children);

scheduled (adjective): planned to happen at a particular time or day;

enrolled (adjective):  officially entered in a roll or list ("An enrolled student");

term (noun): one of the periods of time into which the year is divided for students. In the U.S. a term can be, for example, a year, a semester, or a trimester: What classes are you taking this term?; You will be required to take an exam at the end of the term.

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