Thursday, September 15, 2011

32nd TUSCA edition begins on this Friday 16th

by Waldirene Biernath

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The University Tourney of São Carlos (TUSCA) gets in 2011 with already 31 years and since last year it is part of the official city events calendar.

With over three decades, TUSCA is today one of the largest university competitions in the country. It began as a clash of only two institutions of higher education. USP and UFSCar keep rivalry and sportsmanship today, but since some time ago both universities compete the Sports Tourney with other universities invited. The games, which involved more than 1500 athletes, are seen by students who flock to the Milton Olaio Filho Gym, one of the country’s largest sports venues.

In recent years, concerned with the structuring of the tournament and in order to improve it even more, the TUSCA’s organizers invested in various ways throughout the event structure. In addition, during all TUSCA there is the support of various entities in charge of São Carlos: Civil Guard, Military Police, Fire Department and City Hall through various departments.

The Atlética CAASO and Atlética UFSCar are nonprofit organizations that seek to promote any kind of physical activity related to the sport within their universities. Thus, all dividends obtained with TUSCA are used for the sports development and improvement, through the maintenance of sports teams, which involves the technical payment, travel, tournaments, uniforms, sports equipment, among others.
TUSCA also includes musical attractions during CORSO and parties. Check out the musical attractions on


The traditional CORSO is the opening party of TUSCA and always happen in the Thursday preceding the start of the Tourney contests. In the past it already represented the invasion of CAASO students at UFSCar, nowadays it has become a bandwagon with thousands of students and city residents having fun and walking on the São Carlos’ streets.

This year the CORSO has been passed for a makeover to provide greater security for residents and revelers.

Check the CORSO path in 2011:

clash (noun): a fight or battle between two groups of people;
venue (noun): the place where an activity or event happens;
(to) flock (verb): to gather together in a large group, usually because there is something interesting or exciting: (Tourists still flock to Washington to learn about their government);
Contest (noun): a competition, especially one in which people’s skill in a particular activity or sport is tested;
bandwagon (noun):  a large ornate wagon for carrying a musical band; a popular trend that attracts growing support;
makeover (noun):  a complete reconstruction and renovation of something;
reveler (noun): someone who enjoys themselves at a lively and noisy party or celebration by dancing, singing, and drinking alcohol.


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