Friday, August 12, 2011

North London suffers violent protests

by Waldirene Biernath 

Several places in England have suffered incidents of violence since last Saturday (Aug 6th) and   face heavy police presence on the streets.

The trouble started on Tottenham, north London, after a young black man was shot dead by police last week. There's now an Independent Police Complaints Commission inquiry into that incident. Tottenham is also one of the poorest areas of London with a history of racial tension.

The population in general reacted to this violent act manifesting in protest. The manifestation rapidly got such a dimension that it lost the original focus and turned into vandalism. 
source: BBC News
But some members of the black community are pointing to other factors - including the worry that there aren't enough opportunities for the young.

On the other hand, others feel that there can be no attempts to explain away what happened. Kit Malthouse is London's Deputy Mayor with responsibility for policing:

"We have to be careful in the media and in politics not to create this atmosphere of excuse for what has happened. This is awful, disgusting criminality and it needs to be driven out by communities, by the police. Those perpetrators need to be brought to justice and they will be over the weeks to come."

Olympics year

These riots are happen just a year before the Olympics start in London, and one question is emerged: the London´s security. As the countdown begins all eyes are on the capital. Incidents like those are very different from the harmonious and peaceful image the promotional videos have shown of London.

Give your opinion:
Do you think that all this situation of rioting in London can influence negatively  UK´s capital image and even disturb the Olympics games organization?
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 (to) be driven out (verb): to be stop and made unacceptable
 perpetrator (noun): people who commit crimes
 countdown (noun): time leading up to the start of an event
 riot: a violent protest by a crowd of people

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