Thursday, August 18, 2011

Brazilian government offers scholarships to undergraduates to study abroad

Waldirene Biernath

CNPq (National Committee of Technological and Scientific Development) is informing 250 universities and Federal Institutes of Technical Education the number of scholarships each one will be entitled to send students abroad by the Science without Borders (CsF) program.
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Each scholarship lasts one year, it is worth $ 870 and begins to be paid in 2012 after a public selection process at the research center. The chosen areas are considered strategic by the government in the "knowledge economy". 

The objective is that   Brazil develops more technological innovation researches  and the Brazilian market creates products with higher added value.

The students who have more chances to win a scholarship are the ones who took scientific and technological initiation; with more than 600 points in the National Secondary Education Examination (Enem) and those ones who have been awarded in Scientific Olympiads (such as math and science). Scholarships will be awarded to students who have completed 40% to 80% of their graduation course credits.

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(to) entitle (verb): (often be entitled to) give (someone) a right to do or receive something. E.g: The people who are entitled to vote should be aware of that fact.

scholarship (noun):  an amount of money that an organization gives to someone so that they can study at a particular school or university. E.g.: Sophie was awarded a scholarship to attend Boston University.

undergraduate (noun): a student who is studying for a first degree at a college or university. A student who already has a first degree is a graduate.

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