Thursday, August 25, 2011

Deputy wants poor population’s birth control

by Waldirene Biernath

The State Representative Antonio Salim Curiati (São Paulo Progressive Party) who had his house robbed on Tuesday (23), criticized the Federal Government's social policy and stood for (defended) birth control of poor population.

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Curiati defends birth control policy
"Dilma talks about the Family Grant. Then you bestow the poor community, and they start having children. It is necessary to set a birth control policy," he said.

According to the military police, three armed robbers held up the housemaid while she took out the garbage, around 9am. The robbers were armed with pistols and held up the deputy and his wife into house.  They spent about 40 minutes on the spot and fled carrying jewelry, cell phones and money. A fourth robber waited outside the home on a car, used to run away.

Curiati is in his eighth term (mandate) in the Legislature, where he is leader of the Progressive Party.

What is your opinion about the deputy’s polemic statement? Do you agree with a birth control of low income population to avoid the criminality?

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policy (noun): a set of plans or actions agreed on by a government, political party, business, or other group;
grant (noun): an amount of money that the government or an organization gives you for a specific purpose and does not ask you to pay back. Money that you have to pay back is called a loan;
(to) bestow (verb): to give valuable property or an important right or honor to someone;
(to) fled (past verb flee): to escape from a dangerous situation or place very quickly.


  1. What about providing quality education and employment for the poor? Both are more effective than birth control...
    Actually, birth control is only a problem in high populated countries, such as China and India! In a wealthy country as our own, birth control isn't something even to think about!
    And he's from Paulo Maluf's Party, i guess further coments against him aren't necessary.

  2. Ops, made a mistake its "HIGHLY POPULATED", my bad!
    Very nice your post Vivian! Barone is informative and also political! Loved it!

  3. Hi Arnon,
    Thanks for your nice comment. The merit is all Waldirene's. She writes the news. I just revise them.
    Yeah, Barone English is a school that promotes critical reflection. We believe that real learning just happens when the learners are critically involved with their own reality, not only with the culture of English countries. I’ve attended a lecture and the professor called the traditional English teaching as a process of “aboborização”. Why just remember Halloween, etc. and not to mention our culture and reality? That’s why Barone English has international and national news on our blog.
    Vivian Barone