Sunday, April 3, 2011

Hair-dryer song?

Simon Cowell, one  of the judges of the American TV program  ‘American Idol’,  called the song “Friday”  by Rebecca Black  a  'hair-dryer' song.

         Hair-dryer song?

Simon Cowell explains what is a  'hair-dryer' song. He says that a   'hair-dryer' song is  “a song girls sing into their hair dryers as they’re getting ready to go out”. Based on his definition the hair-dryer would be the microphone.

He also said the song “Friday” reminds another   'hair-dryer' song “Saturday Night”  song by Whigfield (1994). Do you remember it? It follows below.

Something I thought funny is that both songs are titled by a day of the week: "Friday" and "Saturday night". And actually, these are the days girls most use their hair-dryers!!
Talking about hair-dryer I couldn’t help myself posting some hair-dryer cartoons:

by Vivian Barone

I couldn’t help myself: I couldn’t stop myself, I couldn’t avoid.

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