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Times have changed a lot! I really like the technology era we live at. I can't imagine my life without computer, internet, washing machine, refrigerator, etc... And I think so do you. But new changes bring new habits and if we don't manage them appropriately we can have bad consequences. I’ve posted some cartoons that provoke critical thought about the technology influence on people’s lives. In order to make the discussion easier I have divided the internet influences in 18 categories. Here they are:

1.      Good manners
2.      Cyberbullying
3.      Social Relationships
4.      Overweight
5.      Sleep Deprivation
6.      Teenagers Social Ineptitude
7.      Feeling of Inaptitude
8.      Elderly Adaptation to Technology
9.      Less Family Time
10.  Children
11.  Marriage
12.  Impersonal Customer Service
13.  Internet Addiction
14.  Time Wasting
15.  Bad Scores
16.  Education
17.  Plagiarism
18.  Self Knowledge

I know that is too much for seeing at once. So, you can read them (not exactly read because most of them are cartoons) during the week.  As you see them, think about one pro and one con of technology, especially internet, or how you feel about it. Later post a comment, please. Your colleagues will be happy to see it. Don’t worry if you make some language mistakes. This is a community of English learners. Even natives misspell words when they write on the internet. However, it’s better to write your comment on a Word document first. Some followers have complained that when they submit their comments they disappear, the coments of course, hehehe! As we’re going to see, technology is not always reliable, so it is better to prevent it. Here we go. 


Imagine how disturbing would it be living in a place that every moment people announced on speakers what they're doing or thinking. It would be like that:

That is what people do on Facebook and Twitter. Is there any problem telling about your actions and thoughts to others? No, there isn't. However, the boundary between what is appropriate and inappropriate it isn't clear, and some cross the line. Watch the video below and decide by yourself what would be the limit.

That is another consequence of modern life; people have lost the parameters for what is called good manners, etiquette or politness. See how easy is to lose the notion of good manners.

So, mind your manners on the internet.


When it is done on the internet, it just looks like a play, but unhappily it's not. The effect is the same as it were on the real life. How would you feel in a situation like the one below?

Unhappily the consequences of playing with cyberbullying are so serious that North American people created a word for naming one of these consequences: bullycide.


The term Bullycide is a * portmanteau word first used by Neil Marr and Tim Field in their book Bullycide: Death at Playtime. It refers to suicide attributable to the victim having been bullied. The term has come to prominence during the highly publicized teenage suicides in the USA in the latter part of 2010. However the term has been used prior to 2010.
In response to 2010 deaths an online event, Spirit Day, was created for 20 October 2010 in which participants wore purple items to signify opposition to bullying of LGBT people.
Legal analysts criticize the term because it links a cause with an effect under someone else's control.
Bullycide has also been defined as the killing of the bully by the victim.
Research shows those who are bullied have a higher probability of considering or performing suicide than those who are not.

* portmanteau /pɔrtˈmæntɔu/ (noun)  a new word formed by joining two others and combining their meanings ("`motel' is a portmanteau word made by combining `motor' and `hotel'")
Bullycide: Death at Playtime
by Neil Marr & Tim Field
Available in paperback or ebook download from


What is a twitter bot?

It is a contraction of robot, which is apt, as they work automatically or by scheduling or programming. They are very easy to create, and usually collect website links, RSS feeds or Twitter posts and then feed them to Twitter. This term is also used on computing for  naming a computer program that works automatically, especially one that can find information for you on the Internet.

The most common auto feeders are Twitterfeed, SocialOomph,, Google, Twittelator or via an API. There are many others. Luckily Twitter has made the origin of a Tweet very clear on the ‘Home’ screen of a user’s Twitter page.
 So some of the tweets we receive can come from a bot, not a person that is interested in us.





INEPTITUDE (noun) the quality or state of being inept.

Ineptitude is related to the adjective inept that means:
1.  not suitable to the time, place, or occasion : inappropriate often to an absurd degree.
     e.g.: Ineptitude is frequent on internet, for example, racism, cyberbullying, pornography, etc.
2.  lacking in fitness or aptitude : unfit, e.g:  inept at sports
3. lacking sense or reason : foolish

So on this cartoon the word used is ineptitude because some teenagers fail into the ability of fitting appropriately to social relationships.


Although the words inaptitude and ineptitude can sometimes be used interchangeably they have different meanings. 

INAPTITUDE (noun) lack of aptitude; lack of talent or ability.
don’t confuse aptitude with attitude, they’re different words.
Inaptitude comes from the word aptitude, that means: natural ability that makes it easy for you to do something well. E.g.:
One of the greatest problems in our country is the Government’s inaptitude to improve the education system.

So on this cartoon the word  inaptitude  is used instead of  ineptitude  because the man doesn't have the necessary ability to use computers.













I've just listed some cons, because they're not so obvious as the pros. Internet has a lot of advantages. Post a comment about at least one pro and one con or how you feel about it. We eager to hear from you.

By Vivian Barone



    It’s obvious that some people don't know how to use the internet and especially social networks. These people use the internet just for useless things; it’s terrible when I see people all the time announcing his actions and thoughts. For me, these people don't know how to deal with the technologies of modern life.
    In the first video the woman gave an example of useless post on facebook: ‘’Christine is dreaming about movie theater buttered popcorn’’. Comments like this makes clear that for some people the boundary between appropriate and inappropriate it isn’t clear!!!
    The second video it’s important because it shows some rules (etiquette relationship) to keep the good manners. ;D
    It’s clear that social networks can also be used for good things such as: learn another culture and language, know peoples, to have fun, or simply share information with other people.


    Cyberbullying is undoubtedly one of the worst consequences of the Internet. It’s valid to remember that bullying not exists only in virtual form, but also is very involved in direct relationships between people. This kind of crime can create irreversible damage to their victims and create unimaginable consequences. These victims can suffer from psychological problems such as depression, panic disorder among other disorders. These disorders can often lead these people to suicide, as portrayed in the book ''Bullycide: Death at Playtime'' by Neil Marr & Tim Field.
    Another classical result is aggression. Who ever saw a report showing aggression due to Bullying???
    In the United States, for example, have become common cases of murder in schools, colleges and workplaces as a direct result of bullying. In Brazil there was a recently case of a shooter (victim of bullying) who entered a school in Rio de Janeiro, killing 12 students and left several wounded and later killed himself. This show to us that we need to create and enforce laws with more efficiency to control the bullying cases and punish the people who practice this crime, in particular instances of Cyberbullying that are very difficult to be controlled.


    This story of twitter bot is new to me and I really can’t understand why the utilization of a computer program that works automatically and can control your information on twitter. Maybe because some people only care about their number of followers ... this is absurd!


    Overweight is really a problem related to a modern life, the evidence for this is that each year the number of obese people growing very fast, in especially in developed countries and emerging countries. This has brought to us many undesirable consequences, such as increasing the number of people who suffer a heart attack, people with diabetes and people with high cholesterol among other diseases.

  2. Hi Marcel, thanks for your contribution to our discussion. Your comment extended the subject to other aspects that can be further discussed by other members of our blog. Your comment reveals that Barone English’s methodology gives nice results. The practice of researching for the presentations and the argumentation and discussion promoted in class really helped you to develop the ability to use the language on a critical way. Congratulations!

  3. This is a great subject.
    Yes, the internet change the relationship in the world. I can talk with a japanese, chinese, and others people in wherever they are, just need a internet connection. It's possible explain my reasoning and understand others. Search what I want to read and watch, listen music, see places, buy things, pay the bill without go out home or stay in line, it's very, very great! The world in our hands. But, bad things coexist unfortunatelly. Be careful! Don't turn a victim of the modern life!

  4. No one can deny that the internet brings such many benefits to our lives nowadays, but unfortunately, there’s the dark side of the cyberspace. A serious problem that arises is that some individuals can create a profile reflecting who they want to be rather than who they really are. The anonymity of the internet gives the opportunity to bad intended people to make up things and create a profile with false information and pictures about an invented character. It makes a hunting ground for child predators. Children can unknowingly become entrapped if they give out personal information online or agree to meet a person with whom they have been corresponding. This innocent attitude has become a serious threat of violence and sexual abuse for all kids.

  5. Nice post, have very information and I think this subject is very important because show us that is important be careful with a technology! I think that the most dangerous is (cyber)bullying, not only in Internet, but in school, college too. This is a serious problem in society because it causes with children, adolescent and adults to become aggressive people! This was evident with Wellington Menezes in Rio de Janeiro, that killed 12 children because of bullying.
    Is necessary that school's employees, the family and society stay tuned with (cyber)bullying!!!