Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Do you sometimes feel this way?

Scene taken from the film Pink Panther 1
 Or if you already speak a nice English have you ever felt like inspector Clouseau on the scene above?
Yeah, sometimes learning English  is not an easy task. Everybody has a moment that the tongue doesn’t obey, either the tongue simply refuses to stay between the teeth or you stress on the wrong vowel like the infamous “develÓp” hehehehe... And to make things worse, the teacher starts saying “put your hand palm on your throat”, “feel your tongue”, “be careful! you can’t open your mouth as you open on /T/ just stay with your mouth closed and blow”. What??? You must think “she’s crazy”, I would say “maybe”. But one thing is sure “I don’t give up like inspector Clouseau’s teacher gave up”. I love what I do! More than that, it’s an enormous joy when I see a person who had difficulty speaking English speak fluently. And I’ve seen many of you doing it!

Now, let’s understand the scene context . It’s not the case that inspector Clouseau can’t speak English. He already speaks it. At the beginning of the scene he’s speaking English and he also speaks in English with the teacher. He just wants “to speak a flawless accent...  so as not to arouse suspicion” as himself said on the scene. That’s why he asks for “an accent coach”.
Imagine that a so discreet French accent would arouse some suspicion!!! You must watch the film to see if he can change his accent.  The film in English of course, after all you observing the accent!

flaw (noun) /flɔː/a mistake or fault in something that makes it useless or less effective
flawless /ˈflɔləs/(adj) without any mistakes, marks, or bad features
accent coach: it is a professional who helps to reduce accent. On the scene the accent coach is trying to reduce inspector Clouseau’s French accent.

 Although sometimes the learning process can be a little difficult we can make it fun and pleasant. Did you like the song at the  scene end ? Why don’t you learn to sing it?
Here we go.

GOT TO BE REAL Performed By Cheryl Lynn – 1978

"Got to Be Real" is a song by Cheryl Lynn released in 1978 and still makes success. The song is currently being used for the UK TV Advertising Campaign for 'Marks & Spencer'.

Post a comment about what you think difficult on learning English or a funny experience you’ve had. Anything you want. Remember this space is for us to change ideas and experiences. 

by Vivian Barone


  1. Very nice blog Vivian!

    I loved!!!

    Liked the last video as well!!!

    : )

  2. Hi Eliane! So nice to meet you here! I'm happy you've liked the blog! Your comments will be welcome. thanks

  3. The detective trying to speak hamburger is very funny. The song is good. I really liked it. I hope you all enjoy.

  4. hahahaha, the first video is very nice!!
    I think that very peoples have problem with pronunciation because is difficult speak other language. But this french is terrible!!! hahahaha
    Good posts =)

  5. auhauhauhahua, very funny! And informative!!! For me, one of the best ways to speak clearly is listening to music and sing it. It's fun and we can feel all ups and downs of words ;D

  6. ahahashhas, the first video is really funny !!! I laughed a lot. I think what makes this video even more funny is that probably all of us have ever been through similar situations. Indeed, difficulty in pronunciation is normal when we are learning a new language, but with a lot of training this can be resolved rere.

  7. I loved the first video, haha when he tries to say 'to' and say 'tuá', AGAIN, AGAIN, AGAIN, hahahha, it's like everybody said here, it's practicing we learn.

  8. I liked it because it shows the difficulties of people. For me speaking is the most difficult thing becouse my vocabulary is short

  9. I have the same problem of pronunciation. kkkkkk