Sunday, April 17, 2011

Do you know what is a “danda”?

Believe it or not it’s a mix of a dog and a panda. In 2008, the biscuits company Fox's launched a TV commercial campaign fronted by an animated character dubbed a "danda", a cross between a dog and a panda.  
What does dub mean?
To dub /dʌb/ (mainly used in  journalism) to give someone or something a particular name or description, often a humorous one, e.g.: The press have dubbed her “the Silent Star.”

Well, coming back to the commercial, Vinnie is the name of the "danda" on the commercial.. He has black-and-white colouring like a panda and a face like a dog. Fox's TV campaign introduces Vinnie the "wise-guy Italian American" panda/dog who extols the virtues of company's biscuits.

What does extol mean?
To extol /ɪkˈstoʊl/(formal) to praise someone or something in a very enthusiastic way
The report extolled the virtues of Internet technology.

Vinnie announces that he will be on the TV making a commercial for Fox’s. See how funny is he talking to his mother about it.

And now some of  the commercials aired.

 Have you noticed his Italian accent? Of course you have! It’s impossible not to notice it. 

Have you seen what sound is difficult for Italian people to say in English? Yes, the same sound that a lot of Brazilian speakers have problem as well. The infamous TH. Notice that he says /t/ instead of /ð/ or /θ/. It’s very clear to  listen to this exchange of the /ð/ or /θ/ for the  /t/  when he talks to his lawyer. See it.

Have you liked the danda commercial? Post a comment.
by Vivian Barone


  1. The videos of danda are funny. I liked it. The Italian accent its very funny.

  2. The videos of the commercials are great. Where did you get all those things from, Vivian?

  3. Hi Isa. I just search on the internet, especially on youtube. It takes time, and some sense to separate interesting things from rubbish.
    Thanks for taking part of Barone English's community.