Sunday, June 5, 2011

Phonetic symbols, do they help?

See why it’s worth learning them.

Who understands the phonetic symbols gets independence on his/her English learning.
We’re gradually going to post each symbol on our blog. Follow it.

Barone English encourages your learning autonomy.

by Vivian Barone


  1. Really, when I use some dictionaries, these phonetic symbols appear! And sometimes they help and other don't! Because sometimes they are so abstracts and impossible to understand, but is a good tool to learn how to speak English when you can use them!

  2. Yeah Wagner, when we don’t understand them they look like confusing and useless. But believe me, they’re much easier than what they look like. I hope that the forthcoming posts can help everybody to develop a friendly relationship with them. And by the way, they can help in the learning of any language, because they’re an international alphabet. So, it’s worth making any effort to understand them, maybe we might need them for learning another language!! Thanks for taking part of our discussion.