Sunday, June 19, 2011

Another student's post

Organic Produce

What is organic produce?

It’s produce cultivated without herbicides and pesticides. Although they take more time to ripe (to get fully developed or matured and ready to be eaten or used), they are better to your health.
Note that the spelling of the verb "to produce" and the noun "produce" is the same, but the pronunciation is different.

TO PRODUCE (verb) /prəˈdus/ to make or grow something, especially in large quantities and in order to be sold 
PRODUCE (noun) /ˈproʊˌdus/ fruit, vegetables, and other things that farmers grow.

Why should I buy organic produce?

Because many scientists believe that chemicals (like herbicides and pesticides) can cause cancer. Organic produce doesn’t use chemicals, what’s more, they don’t pollute the environment.

Why organic produce is good for health?

Because it respects you and your environment. When you eat some organic produce, like a fruit or vegetable, not only your body feels better and clean  but your mind too, because you  are helping the environment. The chemicals won’t pollute rivers and kill animals like fish or birds. When you disagree (with the current eating habits) and don’t buy regular produce you start a change in your life!

Why organic produce are more expensive?
They're more expensive because:

  • You can’t grow as much produce as other farmers;
  • The farmers who plant this kind of produce are, usually, smaller farmers;
  • The produce has to arrive at the store very soon after it’s picked.

to squash (verb): to damage something by pressing or crushing it and making it lose its normal shape.

If only I buy organic produce will it change the world?

 First of all, it’ll change your health, your body, so will change your life, changing yours, you also can change the lives of the ones near you! It’s a beginning. Somehow, it also changes the environment. You won’t kill, indirectly, some animals and you’ll be proud of yourself! It doesn’t change the world, but make your part and question up more the things, sometimes (almost every time) what you think, in reality,it isn’t!

by Wagner de Barros 
Barone English's student ( level 2)


  1. Wagner, I'm so proud of you. Your texts are amazing! You don't look like a student that has just finished the level 2. As you always do in class, you take the subject to a critical viewpoint. Keep doing this great job! Congratulations!

  2. Sometimes you are able, but have afraid to do something, it's always happens when you are learning English, because you have no idea correctly how much you know, and how to use this to your advantage, each step is always a victory, anybody can know how is rewarding when you can do an entire sentence in a language that a few time ago you only knew how to say 'good morning'. Sometimes the life gives you an opportunity, and how will you need to be? You must be ready! English nowadays opens almost all the doors, if you have a dream, if you need to study, to get a good job, to understand the world, you must know English.
    This is the point, understand the world, particularly, is my bigger dream, and i see that each day I live, I see how is important to gain knowledge. When you open up your mind is a way that you can't go back. Allow yourself, and now I'm talking about English and produce organic, try the new, let him shows you how your life can be different; don't be afraid to do that. You'll thank yourself in the future one day, do you know when? When you look back and realize how your life was good, and remains good yet!
    Vivian, thank you for the opportunity to show what I think, and I'm so proud of me for have my text posted, and because I can say that you are my teacher, who teaches me everything what I know! That the universe bless you!

  3. Thanks a lot Wagner! That the universe bless us all! The merit is yours! Thanks for motivating the others students as well. What you've said on your comment is true, when a person is learning English, the person is afraid of writing or even speaking in English. But this fear can not paralyze the person. We must be open and ready to every opportunity life gives us. And this blog is an opportunity to express ourselves in English. It doesn’t need to be a perfect English! You know, I feel pleasure talking here. And even more pleasure when other people use this space to talk about what they want. Just one correction! I haven’t taught you everything you know, you’ve learned by yourself, I’ve just mediated it and learned together as well.