Sunday, June 5, 2011

First Student's Post

Hi there,

I'm proud to say that our blog has been achieving its purpose: to create a community for English learners to interact. Today we’ve published our first student’s post. It follows right below this one. Marcel Pratavieira is a student of the intermediate level (level 3). He’s chosen the topic he would like to write about, and he’s made a great job. Congratulations Marcel!

Anyone who wants to post here; Barone English’s student or not; are welcome. This is a space where anyone can be an author. Just send your text to and we post it on the blog. You can publish anything you want to; the only requirement is that it must be in English. It doesn’t need to be as long and deep as Marcel did. It can be a cartoon (comics strip); a video; a song; piece of news; English learning tips; etc.

Some students said they would like to post about their university researches. Nice idea! Arnon’s said he would like to post about artificial intelligence, Flávia (psychologist) about happiness. All of us are eager to hear from them and from anyone who wants to share his/her knowledge with us. That way, we do not just practice English but learn about other subjects as well. Thanks to everybody who has helped our community to grow up.

by Vivian Barone

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