Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Technical English is the differential on job selections

By Waldirene Biernath

Mastering English language for everyday use is no longer a differential. Nowadays, to outstand, professionals are investing in technical language learning.

Familiar terms such as "tier one capital" (funds that banks have in the coffers to ensure risk operations, such as loans) and "corporate divestiture" (strategy to remove the portfolio of corporate units) -just to fit in business vocabulary- is something valued at companies and on job selections.

The growing demand for specific courses at language schools confirms that, according to interchange and educational institutions.

Computing is one of the areas which demands most specific language knowledge, according to the schools.

Vivian Barone, pedagogical coordinator
Technical English is even necessary on job interviews. Vivian Barone, Barone English’s coordinator, explains how workplace vocabulary can be required on interviews. “Being fluent in English is not sufficient nowadays.  It is required to be able to argument in a critical way in English. Questions such as “How would . . . ”, “How can . . .”, “What would . . . ”, “What experience . . . ”, “What qualifications . . . ”, “Can you describe. . .”,  “Have you been . . .”, have been rare on current job interviews. The interviews, nowadays, are Competency-based interviews, also known as Behavioral-style interviews. The questions focus on the candidate actions in particular workplace situations. He must be able to compare his experience to the company’s requirements, so without technical vocabulary is difficult to talk about it”.

Human resources experts, however, recommend caution before enrolling in a course for specific purposes. The importance and value of the technical knowledge of another language "will depend on the work area and the company," states Elaine Saad, the general manager of the Right Management consultancy.

Two important aspects to be considered before enrolling in a technical language course; according to Silvia Freitas, director of corporate relations at Berlitz language network; are the course price and the language proficiency the person has. Specific courses cost up to R$ 6,000.00 per semester, twice the traditional course price, according to schools consulted.


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