Friday, November 11, 2011

Engineering in São Carlos is the most disputed course at USP

By Waldirene Biernath
Source: Google images
USP Campus in São Carlos
The Fuvest (Fundação Universitária para o Vestibular) has announced the ratio of applicants to places to the 2012 entrance exam, which will select students for USP (Universidade de São Paulo) and to the Medical Sciences Faculty of São Paulo’ Santa Casa.
The civil engineering entrance exam at USP in São Carlos is the most disputed. The course has 52.27 candidates applying for each one of its 60 places - 3,136 candidates in total.
The second most disputed course is medicine, with 51.18 candidates for each one of its 275 places. There are in total 14,074 candidates. Advertising and Marketing is in the third place, with the ratio of 47.2 candidates/place.
In total, 146,892 people enrolled in the Fuvest 2012 entrance exam. Candidates apply for 10,852 places at USP and one hundred places for Medical Sciences Faculty of Santa Casa.
Of the total number of candidates, 51,661 are applying for places of courses in the humanities, 40,221 for biological and 36,211 for exact areas.

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