Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Obama Girl's "Save Your Energy" and New Green College Contest

On this video, Amber Lee Ettinger, also known as Obama Girl, urges the Americans to save energy. It's a catchy, funny mix of pop and rap music.

I need you to recycle
If you want the keys to my heart

Do you really want to get with me

You gotta know how to live smart
My love is sustainable, not just biodegradable
I wanna ride your bicycle Reduce, re-use and recycle
Youre being romantic with me
Guess what’s too gigantic for me?
Its your carbon footprint boy
And if you wanna be with me
Save your energy, Save your energy
You’re looking good but you drive an H3.
Save your energy (2x)
You’re using plastic for your groceries
Save your energy (2x)
You should act like Ed Begley
Save your energy Save it all for me
Hey Girl what’s these signs that you sending me
I’ve been trying to save the world conserving all my energy
We could ride in my hybrid fuel efficiency
Solo-powered sunroof’ blowin in the windy breeze
Baby I re-use, I recycle
Low flow shower heads too if you like, boo
Anything I use is biodegradable
Why you still saving all your love, what you waiting for?
And if you wanna be with me
Save your energy, Save your energy
Walking to work is so d*mn sexy
Save your energy Save your energy
Obama can be proud of you and me
Save your energy Save your energy
I’m turned on by stuff unplugged for me
Save your energy Save your energy …

Amber Lee Ettinger (born October 2, 1982) is an American actress, internet celebrity, and model.  She first rose to fame as Obama Girl in her Internet video "I Got a Crush... on Obama", in which she expressed her admiration of then U.S. Senator (now President) Barack Obama. The video led to numerous sketch comedy appearances and interviews on Saturday Night LiveGeraldo at LargeThe O'Reilly Factor, and Hannity.
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The video has being promoted by America's Greenest Campus, a project of Climate Culture, SmartPower and the U.S. Department of Energy. What's that? America's Greenest
Campus is billed as "the first nationwide contest among colleges to reduce the carbon footprints of their students, faculty, alumni and staff."

To bill: to advertise something with a particular description, e.g.: The film was billed as a romantic comedy.

carbon footprint:  someone's carbon footprint is a measurement of the amount of carbon dioxide that their activities produce.

You can calculate the measurement of your carbon footprint on the website below:  


faculty:  1. all the teachers in a university, college, or school, e.g.: a meeting for students, faculty, and administrators
              2. a department or group of departments in a university, e.g.: the Faculty of Medicine; the Law Faculty

alumni:/əˈlʌm˛nai/(plural form of alumnus/əˈlʌmnəs/)
alumnus: someone who has left a school, college or university after finishing their studies there, e.g.: the alumni of  UFScar.
Several famous alumni have agreed to help raise money for the school's restoration fund.

staff: the group of people who work for an organization, e.g.:
There is a good relationship between staff and pupils at the school.
The staff are not very happy about the latest pay increase.

There are just two winners on the contest: the school with the most participants and the school with the most carbon reductions per participant (winning $5,000 each). 

Although all that initiative is praiseworthy, the USA reality is very different. The problem is much more complex than just saving and recycling. All the business and industrial system is corrupted. The next video is an educative documentary that makes us aware of it in a very simple and attractive way. It’s worth seeing it.

If you want to express your opinion about it, please, be comfortable to share it with us. Post a comment. Don’t worry about your English. This is a community of English learners. The practice leads to fluency.  

by Vivian Barone

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