Wednesday, July 27, 2011

New video game: Garbage Spreader

Louie the Litterbug
The new computer game launched this year is called Garbage Spreader. In the game, you need to chase Louie the Litterbug. He is a garbage spreader, an outlaw and likes to throw garbage out. Your mission is to capture him and take all his garbage. First of all, you’ll need to find him, it isn’t hard, because everywhere he walks he leaves garbage on the floor.
Secondly, you have to capture and take him to the police station; additionally you need to separate recyclable waste at recycling station. Finally, your job will be ready.
Above all, the principal message in this game is to teach people about the importance of preserving the enviroment and the consequences of littering (throwing garbage out on public places). 
In the game you can see it in a funny way, but on the real life it isn’t. During the game, you can see how the town changes when you pick up the garbage from the floor and put it on a garbage can. Every dirt you pick up, in the same place a flower is born and you win points. In the real life is the same way, you don’t win points, but responsibility, and it isn’t born a flower too, but you can plant it when you want.

You can find this game for downloading  on the internet. Your children will like it, and all the family can play. The most important thing is to understand the message in this game, not just to play it. Games that teach something to people are on the top nowadays, and to play without a message behind the game is to lose your time, we already use the internet without any content checking the facebook or twittering, for example, so when you have a game with a good message it is a single opportunity to change this behavior  and to distress learning something.  
Finally, let’s pay attention at the games, if they are affecting you. The research shows us that children who play violent games (like GTA or War craft)  are more aggressive than the others that don’t play them. The games have a big power, and everyone has to think about the games that children are playing and if they're muddling their raising. We don’t need to stop playing the games, but to try to choose them better !


litter: (noun) things such as pieces of paper that people have dropped on the ground in a public place, making it messy, e.g.: The park and river are full of litter.

litterbug: someone who drops litter in public places

muddle-headed (adj) resulting from a lack of clear thought, e.g.: muddle-headed plans
muddle (noun) (objects) mess
muddle (verb) (objects) mix up, jumble
muddle (verb) (ideas) confuse, mix up

by Wagner Barros
Barone English's student
level 2

This game was inspired on the cartoon Woody Woodpecker Show - Secret Agent Woody Woodpecker (English) (released in 1967 in the USA). On this cartoon Woody Woodpecker has to arrest  Louie the Litterbug (Luiz o Espalha Lixo)

Woody Woodpecker Show - Secret Agent Woody Woodpecker (Portuguese)

Note: This text is result of Barone English’s methodology. Different writing techniques are developed every unit. Besides that, the students make presentations about the same theme, based on their researches.


  1. Teacher, each word here is totally your merit; because, you never left me believe that I can’t do anything. When you have something to look for, run to, you can do what you want, what you have in your mind, in your heart, and if your are fighting for your dreams the universe blesses you, and helps you open your eyes to the different life that you can live, a life where the things are, like if the world were a magical place, there aren’t problems, there isn’t fear, and principally there isn’t hate, and if you try, this world can become real, believe it, make difference. When you have special people beside you, it takes easier, when you have a teacher, for example, that inspires you, and shows you new things, things that make you, not a better people, but able to be better, a teacher has a power to open up the students’ eyes and if they want, gives the capacity to fly, fly through their dreams, fly away, and get to the top, fly and see over the sunset, that doesn’t matter who you are, or what you believe, you are special in your way. Our country should believe more on our teacher, because they, if they want, change the world, I’m so proud because I’m studying to be a teacher, and I want to change the world, you can say I’m crazy, but I already know that, we need to try, each day on our life, because we can, when a teacher (like you, Vivian) believes in a student (like me), and gives him a chance to show something he does, the change started, yes, it did. On my post I talk about a game, where you try to keep the city cleaned, we should think about what we are doing, in reality, with our environment, with our animals, our life, our future, the change needs to start today, are you ready? I have a post talking about organic produces too, look how there are millions way to you contribute with yourself, because, when you save water, or throw the trash in it place, you aren’t doing it for other people, or for the world, in truth you are saving you world, where YOU live, the air YOU breath, the floor where YOU walk, now’s the time, and here’s the place, and finally you’re the hero on our time. The superman today is who believes on future and try making it possible!

  2. Thanks Wagner, but I'm not everything you've said. The merit is totally yours. I've just motivated and guided you and you corresponded to that stimulus. Unhappily, I (or we the teachers) do exactly the same to other students and we, sometimes, don't get the same results. I don't believe I teach and the student learns. I believe I mediate and the student makes his own learning. I'm so happy that I've been a nice example of teacher. I'm sure, you're going to be an excellent learning mediator. It's an honor to Barone English school to have you as a student.

  3. Oh!!! So beautiful the post of Wagner!! I'm need inspiration to continue!!! It's very good see that school give fruits, and good fuits, Wagner wrotes very well and used beauties words to demonstrate how much he is grateful with you, Vivian!!! Forgive me any worong word write here, but I tried write a praise to word's Wagner!!
    Congratulations!!! I liked it very much!!!

  4. Hi Thaty,
    Thanks for commenting. Yeah, Barone English methodology gives nice results. Wagner is a proof of it. Soon it will be you! We have a lot of reasons to be inspired. One is to use English, not just for selfish reasons, but to spread knowledge and share funny, pleasant things with people all around the world. This blog is a nice way of doing it, it's already read throughout the world. Soon we're going to have your text posted here.
    Vivian Barone

  5. Got interested on the game upon reading its description and after watching the video. Where we could have the full access of the game?

  6. Hi Spreader Bar,

    Unhappily the game is just a text. The text is result of a written activity done in class. We're glad you've got interested. It's a signal that the student Wagner wrote a good text.

    thanks for following our blog!