Saturday, May 28, 2011

Haiti: Sexual violence against women increasing

On the post "Why should we pay attention to girls?" (Thursday, May 26th), I talked about the importance of investing in girls’ education and health. On this post I've extend the topic to the horrible situation of the women in Haiti. This shocking reality show us why organizations such as  and are so worried about protecting girls and investing in them. Unhappily, this is a shameful situation that our society closes the eyes to it.
Actually, the situation is so cruel that I was in doubt if I should post it or not. But, I wouldn't like to shut my eyes to it. 
In order to understand the videos below you need to know what the word "rape" means.
Rape (noun): the crime of forcing someone to have sex by using violence.

Happily, some people make the difference:
The two links below are of two other videos even more shocking. It's up to you to watch them or not.

by Vivian Barone

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